This is a story that talks about our everyday lives. About what people are willing to do to achieve their goal. This film doesn’t clearly draws the boundaries between heroes and villains, nor can such boundary be drawn because nobody is completely positive or completely negative. I will build the characters so that each of them can be justified to some extent, but also damn. Todor will have the biggest transformation of them all, from naive boy he will become the image of his father, haughty, arrogant nouveau riche. Visnja is very mysterious at the start, appears out of nowhere and starts to get under Todor’s skin. Nobody knows about her past, nor her plans for the future. At some point she breaks and asks whether to give up her plan, as it turns out in the end, a very clear plan, and to have an abortion, but she decided to continue. When she recognized Tomislav in Todor she has no dilemma. Tomislav is the same, from the beginning to the end of film, without gradation of his character, because he represents the ultimate destination of Todors path, and a role model in what Todor will turn into. Milan is a character full of false optimism and the will of life, but when he gets hurt and humiliated, he feels like all his ships have sunk and decides to comply with the wishes of others and agrees to do something he is not able to do. Radmila is the mother figure, and in some connotation she may be the personification of the country. Once she was a beautiful and promising, and now she’s stuck as a single mother who has too ordinary, but difficult job. She regrets all her life for certain mistakes she made in the past, and believes that this is not the life she deserves. Supporting roll, but also very critical is Mia. She represents the youth who are indifferent and heartless, with nothing to do and nothing to care about, who are emotionally crippled.

Relations between the characters will be carefully graded, to everything that happens in the end has logic. The relationship between Milan and Todor, which begins that they officially have never met, beyond that they have found a common theme to talk about, to the fact that Todor begs Milan for the favor, to humbled Milan at the end, which contributes greatly to attempted of murder.

Just on its surface, this film should only be the tempting story full of superficially intrigue, turnovers and death. If you look a little deeper, you should see the context of criticism of time and the society in which we live. And that some extra-temporal values, such as family, became totally inverted, and that material values are exclusively in the first place now.

Visual segments are also graded, from their modest apartment that exudes warmth and warm colors, all over colder and more sterile but more luxurious environment, to the ultimate sterility of the final scene in the office.

Music will also be very important element to evoke emotion I want to convey, so I’ll have had music specially composed for this film.

Costumes will follow the development of the characters, as the action progresses they also become darker. Make up will not be as significant element, except the mask of Tomislav and blood after Todor and Milan crashed.

By its genre, this film is not labeled, because it is, as well as life in nowadays in these areas, very varied. Everyone can find both dramas and thrillers motive, but most the motives of everyday life and criticism of society and the times in which we live.

Nemanja Ćipranić